Cocondo • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation


Saving cultural heritage, whilst protecting nature

All around the Dutch coastline you can find bunkers hidden in the landscape. During wars they were used as hiding places. Nowadays, most of these historical buildings are slowly being lost in nature. Foundation ‘Stelling 33’ came up with a brilliant idea that will not only protect this cultural heritage, but also take care of the nature that surrounds them. By turning the concrete bunkers into cozy condos.

Not many people know that shortly after the second world war, Dutch citizens started using bunkers as holiday residences. Stelling 33 aims to do this again. After getting their hands on a pilot bunker, they contacted us to help them develop a communication concept. The main challenge? Changing the image of these buildings. From unattractive concrete ruines to an attractive place to stay.

Some research and brainstorms led us to the name ‘Cocondo’, a place to stay. Appealing to the need of young urban professionals and families to ‘cocoon’ every once in a while. To disconnect to the city and connect to themselves and to nature. A modern brand identity inspired by the nature surrounding the ‘cocoons’ introduces the brand as a modern way to escape daily life.

We provided Cocondo with crowdfunding tools and a website to get the project started. At this moment, the foundation is working hard to transform the pilot bunker and is experimenting with how it can serve the landscape. Their aim is to transform many more bunkers into sustainable holiday destinations in the following years. Interested in staying in one? keep an eye on to stay updated or offer your support to the project.