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Sharing Confessions of Drug Dealers

Is the recreational drug user responsible for drug violence? Nowadays party drugs are the norm rather than the exception in the nightlife scene. During a large-scale sewage survey last year, it turned out that on an average day alone some 40,000 lines of coke are snorted in Rotterdam. It was already known that it seems more and more normal in the Netherlands to do drugs, while the world behind it is anything but normal. The Mayor had therefore decided that a large-scale anti-drug campaign had to be launched: your pill or line keeps crime going.


Friends for brands opted for a different approach. Because, the louder you say that something is bad, the opposite effect is often the result. In collaboration with behavioral experts, the Police and Municipality, but especially with several target group representatives, we developed an approach which showed the dark side of the drug trade. Stories from ex-dealer became the centre of this campaign.

The campaign style has a raw no-nonsense appearance in which black and white headlines play the leading role, supported by images of actual crime scenes. On, ex-dealers open a book and share their poignant, true stories. During an activation at festivals in a ‘Crime scene’ police tent, visitors experience the harsh world behind your pill or line in video and sound. Raw and real.