Hedone • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation


Raising awareness for the societal impact of drugs.

Two completely separate worlds that sustain each other. In one hand we have the drugs dealer born into a community with few opportunities and easily lured in by the promise of quick money and status. In the other hand we have the educated suburban buyer with a high paying job, a conscious and healthy lifestyle and a need for entertainment which they find in drugs.

Hedone is a streetwear brand that aims to raise awareness about recreational drug consumption. At the same time Hedone aims to reduce crime by offering risk youth an opportunity and alternative way of earning income and gaining status. Hedone is our first case powered by the Friends Foundation. We teamed up with Marco den Dunnen and Niem Tewarie to create this social streetwear brand. Check out the website.

We made quite the ruckus last October at the Dutch Design Week where we held our soft launch. Multiple local news outlets branded us as “dealers at the design week.” Like actual dealers, we had young students hand out pony packs (which usually contain drugs) to unassuming visitors and inside it they found a number which led back to us. Customers would get their “merchandise” through the window of a car as if it was an actual drug deal together with the reason behind this brand. The response was very positive towards both our intentions and the brand itself as you can see in the video below.