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Innocent drinks

Recruiting an inclusive staff
for a healthy brand

Innocent is a progressive brand not only focussed on making healthy juices and smoothies, but also on being an inclusive organization with a diverse staff. Their goal was to see this vision translated into a campaign to recruit staff for their new sustainable, state of the art factory, opening fall ’21.

Innocent asked Friends for Brands to set up and execute a recruitment campaign for the new factory and upgrade their employer brand while we were at it. Were came up with the creative concept which fitted the healthy environment and – working conditions of the factory: ‘Werken bij Innocent. Beter voor je.’ (‘Working at Innocent. Better for you.’).

Al functional and social benefits came forward in our online marketing campaign focussed regionally and targeted mainly on women, without ruling out men. The message depended on the distance of the audience to the location of the factory and the different possible motivations to apply for a job.