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Lekker bezig Schiedam

Making exercise accessible to all citizens

The municipality of Schiedam has a high percentage of pensioners and unemployed people. Many of them are psychically inactive, which increases their risk of falling ill. Obviously, there’s no point in trying to change these people into fitness freaks and sport fanatics overnight. Instead, the ‘Lekker bezig! programme encourages any kind of physical activity, since it’s always better to do something instead of nothing!

A very accessible (non-sporty!) approach and communication strategy make it as easy as possible to help people be active. We engage with Schiedam residents, helping them do easy exercises using benches in the park or traffic lights in the city.

All the information about physical activity, such as locations and exercise coaches, is gathered on an easily accessible online platform so everyone can find it! And for the older residents who aren’t online, all the details are also available offline in community- and health centers.