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Logistiek 010

Moving towards zero emissions

Rotterdam dreams of a cleaner and healthier future. To be a city that puts the wellbeing of it’s citizens first. That’s why the municipality of Rotterdam is working hard to get to zero. Zero inefficiency, zero emission and zero traffic jams! Logistiek 010 is a community of over a hundred different companies, governmental organisations and scientific institutes from the Rotterdam region that want to make this work.

Logistiek 010 asked us to help them create a look as clean as their mission and a website to help them attract more partners. After a series of strategic sessions we created the concept ‘Samen op weg naar nul’, which translates to ‘On our way towards zero!’. The strategy is to show that the city of Rotterdam, companies and other partners are on the frontlines when it comes to efficient and clean logistics. In the communication we show and tell how they are working towards a world with zero emission, zero inefficiency and zero traffic jams. Sharing insights, experience and tips with (potential) community members.

The identity is a fresh take on the visual language of the logistics industry. Using a set of shapes and colors inspired by what stacked freight looks like, we created a toolbox with endless possiblities. We first used these ingredients to build their brandnew online platform: logistiek010.nl. To introduce the new platform and celebrate the signing of the ‘zero emission’ covenant with all Logistiek 010 partners, we helped put together a kickoff event. Due to covid it was largely online, but we managed to create the feeling of a community. The event marked the start of many more things to come, please sign up to our newsletter to be informed on updates!