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NL voor elkaar

Rebranding volunteer work for new generations

This online platform matches people seeking help and people volunteering it. Not just people with tons of time, but people who might just have an hour or two to spare as well. It’s a much-needed initiative in times when social services are being discontinued and we are more reliant on each other for the help we need. So how do we polish up the stuffy stereotype of volunteer work? How can we encourage more young people in the Netherlands to do something for others? By showcasing how fulfilling volunteer work is to both sides! ‘Helping makes you happy!’ is a national platform, but also the backbone of a set of local platforms with the same branding. We developed a strategy and rebranding campaign which was used for the umbrella brand and the subbrands. The concept ‘Helping makes you happy’ is a catchy way to show that volunteer work is beneficial to everyone.

The slogan was used as the basis for a new identity, online environment, cross-media activation and long-running social media campaign. Following a successful launch in Rotterdam, 17,000 volunteers signed up. The campaign has now been rolled out in other municipalities across the country, leading to partnerships with brands like Ben&Jerry’s and Young Capital. Want to get happy? Sign up now!