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Ouders overleden kind

Ouders overleden kind

Losing a child is one of the most difficult things that could ever happen to a parent. Ouders Overleden Kind (translates to parents of passed away children) is a selfhelp organisation of fellow sufferers who try to offer each other perspective in this extremely challenging situation.

OOK asked us to help them re-brand and reach young parents. The Dutch word ‘OOK’, which happens to be the abbreviation of the name of this organisation, means ‘TOO’. Combined with the fact that the most important thing about a support group is that you are no longer alone, this led to the core of the branding concept. Always showing a person that lost a child ‘too’. When we say ‘OOK SEBASTIAAN’ in Dutch, it means ‘SEBASTIAAN TOO’. In this way we introduce the name of the organisation and put emphasize on the core promise all in one.

In communication we focus on situations the target group will recognize. Such as going back to work for the first time or celebrating holidays. Situations that seem normal to most but can be very difficult after you’ve lost a child. The on- and offline ads that show these situations lead to helpful interviews that show how another parent has handled the same situation. We give useful tips and explain how to become a part of the organisation.

The interviews are complemented by cinematic photography that respectfully display the situation. You can find them on the website we developed. To reach more people in need, these interviews are also used in flyer spread amongst professionals in the field, such as doctors and grief psychologists.