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Money problems

Influencer campaign for the municipality of Rotterdam that breaks the shame around talking about money worries.

Rotterdam residents are increasingly struggling with paying their monthly bills. And unfortunately, more and more of them are getting into serious money problems. Fortunately, the municipality of Rotterdam offers various arrangements and assistance for those who cannot find a financial solution. To raise awareness of this, they asked us to develop an influencer campaign.


The purpose of the campaign is twofold. On the one hand, it is important to reduce shame around money problems. We do this by asking a diversity of role models to create video content that shares their personal experiences. On the other hand, we want to put viewers of their videos in action mode. That’s why we ask every influencer to refer to the telephone number 14010 and option 4 – this is where you can call to get immediate help.

In this influencer campaign, it was important to give a lot of freedom to the different influencers. After all, they know which tone and style suits themselves and their followers. By working with strong content guidelines and using specially developed social ‘stickers’, we ensure that the content fits together, leads to the desired action, and communicates the message of the municipality. Thanks to Rotterdamse Poetsqueen, Ruwhel, Rarko10, Zakia Bouhalin, Christina Curry en MaMa’Queen, we can look back on a successful campaign!