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WSP Rijnmond and Sander de Kramer challenge you

On Wednesday the 19th of February, we launched the official challenge of the 100 van Sander de Kramer. A challenge to all employers in the Rijnmond area to help thousands of our fellow citizens find work. Powered by WSP Rijnmond, Sander took the stage at Frobel where he was joined by alderman Moti of the municipality of Rotterdam. In attendance were representatives of Albert Heijn, Erasmus MC, FrisFacilitair, Home Instead, Randstad, Stedin, Keraf, USG People, Tempo team, MKB Rotterdam Rijnmond, the RET, the press and a big sign up sheet.

In the Rijnmond area, there are over 70.000 people who haven’t been employed in a long time. We’re talking about people that suffer from a physical impairment, a chronic disease, a language barrier or single parents. All people who are willing and able, but in need of some extra help to get there. They all require a custom approach or at least something other than the current conventional method. Sander needs employers who are willing to step up and offer them the help they so desperately need.

Counting on WSP Rijnmond

That’s where WSP Rijnmond comes in. Their familiarity with the candidates, the employers, government grants and regulations make them the ideal partner. Plus they’ll even stick around after a candidate has been placed to make sure they succeed. By taking a good look at a candidate and their skillset, they custom fit them in a new but crucial job in your company. You might even say they create jobs that you need but aren’t aware of yet.

The agreement

After a speech by alderman Moti of the importance of this challenge and an interview by Sander of two of our guest employers, we had them hooked. At the end of the afternoon, all 7 of them signed an agreement to:
– invest extra time and energy in people who are willing to work
– create a job that fits the abilities and skillset of the candidates.
– Invest in an inspiring environment which supports their growth.

Challenge accepted!

Friends for Brands developed this campaign voor WSP Rijnmond together with Roos & van de Werk. The challenge has been picked up by the national press and Sander even appeared on the television show Kruispunt. Check it out here for more information on the 100 van Sander.