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Wat loop je nou te stoken

The municipality of Rotterdam

Addressing health risks of burning wood

The municipality of Rotterdam is working hard to keep the air fresh and our lungs clean. By ridding the city center of polluting cars and creating more space for alternative types of transportation. To make even more impact, people also need to change their behavior at home. The municipality of Rotterdam asked us to create a campaign to make people more aware of the health and environmental risks of incorrectly burning wood at home.

Telling people what they can’t do is never fun and is often annoying. No one likes to welcome a complainer into their own home who is there to tell them to stop lighting a barbecue or putting out the fireplace. In the strategy and concept for the campaign ‘What are you heating up now?’ we played with this.

Rather than telling people to stop making fires, the campaign and website offer alternatives. After intervention,  we share examples of how we can still make the warm and cozy fire in these cold times, but with less negative impact!