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Wat loop je nou te stoken?!

The municipality of Rotterdam is working hard to keep the air fresh and our longues clean. Ridding the city centre of polluting cars and creating more space for alternative transportation are examples of projects that improve the quality of our air. But to make more impact, people need to change behavior in their own homes as well. That’s why ‘Gemeente Rotterdam’ asked us to make a campaign to make people aware of the health and environmental risks of stoking fires.

Telling people what they can’t do is never fun and aways irritating. Nobody is excited to welcome a complainer in their own house who’s there to tell them to stop lighting a barbeque or put out the fireplace. In the strategy and concept for the campaign ‘Wat loop je nou te stoken?’ we work with those elements.

Loosely translated from Dutch the tagline means so much as ‘Stirring up trouble?’. It’s a phrase people use when people interfere with something they shouldn’t be interfering with. In the campaign we see people who are stirring up fires in and around their homes to keep warm on winter nights. Then all of a sudden comedian Richard Groenendijk interrupts the cute and romantic situations to give his unsolocited opinion about the way they’re stoking the fire.

Instead of telling people to stop making fires, the campaign and website give alternatives. After interfering, Richard Groenendijk shares examples of how to still make the warm and cozy fire we need in these cold times, but with less negative impact!