Wereldmuseum - Superstraat • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation

Wereldmuseum – Superstraat

Stimulating children to
explore next door cultures

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam shows that even though everyone in the world is different, we are basically the same. We are all human, in the end. A fun fact about the city of Rotterdam is that without ever leaving the city, you can meet people from all over the world. Behind every front door, you will find different stories, from different people, living different lives.

Children are curious and should be rewarded for their curiosity. We should stimulate children in their curiosity for other cultures, people and fellow citizens. By creating the street-smart positioning, name and communication strategy for the new permanent exhibition, ‘Superstreet’, we aim for a new generation of visitors for the museum.


The permanent exhibition focuses on children but is open to everyone. It offers a look into the lives of Rotterdammers and stimulates children to be curious and visit their neighbors and fellow locals.