Wereldmuseum • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation


Stimulating children to
explore nextdoor cultures

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam shows that even though everyone in the world is different, we are basically the same. In the end, we are all human. The fun thing about Rotterdam is you can discover the entire world without ever leaving the city. Behind every front door you’ll find a completely different story, from a different person, living a different life.

Children are curious and should be rewarded and not punished for their curiosity. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy interest in other people. By coming up with the positioning, name and communication strategy for the new permanent exhibition, ‘Superstreet’, we are trying to appeal to a whole new generation of museum visitors.

The exhibition will be open to all Rotterdam residents, offering a peek behind the doors of your fellow locals without fear of invading their privacy. The exhibition itself, the campaign around it and the Superstreet school programme encourages all children to take a peek in real life as well by visiting their neighbours. Grown-ups are invited as well!