Workstation of the South • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation

Workstation of the South

All organizations to help you towards a job, in one central station!

Everyone should have the opportunity to work. If this is difficult for any reason, the municipality of Rotterdam looks at how someone can be supported in the best possible way. For that reason the municipality of  Rotterdam, Rotterdam Inclusief and RataPlan have created a place where people that struggle getting employed, for whatever reason, are helped efficiently, sustainably and personally in their route from unemployment to work. This location in Rotterdam-South is called ‘Workstation of the South’. Besides being a place for help and advice, it is also a place for fun. At the station, you can also do your second-hand shopping and have a nice cup of coffee. 

We came up with a communication concept and design to bring this place to life. We transformed ‘Workstation of the South’ into a real ‘station’ where you can take off, think about your next destination or browse around for different possible routes.

To visualize this idea, the location has its own wayfinding inspired by subway lines, where the areas of RataPlan, Rotterdam Inclusief and the municipality of Rotterdam are all found by following different ‘tracks’. Each partner is represented by a different line color. This way it is clear to visitors where they need to be to move forward!