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How do you recruit 100 socially engaged employers?

The city of Rotterdam is thriving. Yet there are still many people who struggle to find a job on their own. Therefore, WSP Rijnmond connects employers to people with poor job prospects. To activate employers, we asked one of Rotterdam’s most social ambassadors, Sander de Kramer, for help.

Together with Sander WSP Rijnmond set the goal to find 100 employers with a social heart, employers who are willing to offer jobs to people with poor job prospects. We created the powerful campaign ‘Sander’s 100’ (‘De 100 van Sander’).

In this campaign Sander searches for 100 socially involved employers. The online and offline visibility assured that no employer in Rotterdam was able to ignore our campaign. With more than 100 employers applying in a year, it is safe to say it was a very effective and successful campaign!