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Assembling 100 socially committed employers

Even though the city of Rotterdam is growing fast, there are still a lot of people who struggle to find a job on their own. WSP Rijnmond connects employers to people with poor job prospects. To activate more employers we called in the help from Rotterdam’s best known ambassadors for less fort

Together with Sander, WSP Rijnmond set a goal to find 100 employers with a social heart, employers who are willing to offer a place to someone with with a poor job prospect. We created the powerful campaign “De 100 van Sander” (Sander’s 100).

In the campaign Sander is in the search for 100 employers. With sessions, work visits and visibility online and offline, the city of Rotterdam can’t possibly ignore our social campaign. After a year the campaign has proven to be very effective: more than 100 employers have joined.