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Politie Rotterdam

Challenging youngsters
to do the right thing

The new app BE GOEDER rewards youngsters to do the right thing, instead of punishing them for doing bad things. With relevant challenges the users can create content, share it with friends and win nice prizes.

Why only punish young people for doing bad things? Why not reward them for good behavior and motivate them in an other way? With that thought in mind Marco van Dunnen from Politie Rijnmond approached us. Together we did research, did design sprints, tested our assumptions, designed and build the app, and tested the app extensively at high schools. The pay off “SHOW YOUR GOED SIDE” which we came up with, a mixed phrase of Dutch and English, demonstrates the sense of humor we added though out the branding and communication of the project. 

In the app users are challenged. De challenges have social themes like ‘put your trash in the trashcan’, ‘keep distance from each other’ and ‘respect and help each other’, users are stimulated to show their good behavior in a creative way. Each month the most creative content wins a nice prize.

The app came to life in a collaboration between Gemeente Rotterdam,  Politie Rijnmond, Connect Holland and Friends For Brands.