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Podium Islemunda

Creating an place in the spotlight for talent

In the southernmost part of Rotterdam lies Podium Islemunda. Podium Islemunda is a stage in the area IJsselmonde where performance and participation comes together. It serves as a meeting place for professionals, rookies and the community of IJsselmonde. With a theater, cinema, studio’s and a cafe, Islemunda is a place for all.

Podium Islemunda opened its doors in 2014 and has been an important spot for IJsselmonde ever since. Together with the next door library and coffeeshop, Islemunda is the cultural heart of IJsselmonde. Residents come together for a cup of coffee and to experience a nice play. Almost everybody in IJsselmonde knows somebody who has taken the stage at Islemunda. After a few years of growth, it is time for a fresh rebranding with a representing concept.

To create the perfect branding we worked with the team of Islemunda and people who live in the area. Together we searched for the best combination of the professional and accessible side of Islemunda. One of the most important things to get accross was the fact that Islemunda is a space for co-creation. We developed the brand promise “Je maakt wat mee” which translates to both ‘You can experience something’ and ‘You can help make something’. Encouraging people to come and see something new and inviting them to make something for themselves.

It was important that the people of Islemunda can create their own communication as well. That’s why we designed a visual identity that is very easy to use. With one layer that is locked and making everything around it easily adjustable. You can check it out on the new website we developed for them or see it used in some of the new communication tools like their social media and banners.