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NPRZ – job guarantees

Convincing teenagers to choose an education with a job guarantee

Rotterdam South lags Rotterdam North, the other major cities, and the Netherlands in socio-economic terms. This is shown, among other things, in the fact that unemployment is considerably higher and labor participation is lower in the South of Rotterdam than elsewhere. Therefore, the career development program BRIDGE, is working towards a future in which every youngster in this part of Rotterdam has a job.

Many youngsters are looking for jobs in sectors in which there are no jobs available, whilst in other area’s there is shortage in qualified people. The solution: ‘Aan de bak’ (Get to work) – guarantees for students who choose for sectors with opportunities. This resulted in 600 students with a job guarantee in Rotterdam South even before they started their education. ‘Aan de bak’ immediately shows that sector choice has long term effects.

This appealing campaign targets young students and is displayed at schools and in neighborhoods (for example by mobile zoning). Especially for the ‘Aan de bak-guarantee’ we developed an online platform which supports the students for 4 years. The platform provides the students with a video-quiz which gives them information on their personal career path and is their personal travel buddy in career orientation, study program, view days and career development.