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Aan de bak

Convincing teenagers to choose an education with a guaranteed job


Rotterdam’s economy is picking up, but it’s not happening in the south side of Rotterdam as fast as it is in the heart of the city. That’s why the career development programme BRIDGE, by National Programme Rotterdam South, is working towards a future in which every young person has a job. A lot of young people have their sights set on sectors in which jobs are disappearing, while other sectors are scrambling to find new people. The solution: handing out ‘Aan De Bak’ guarantees to kids who choose a sector with lots of opportunities. This meant that 600 young people in Rotterdam South were given guarantees of work with an employer in Rotterdam even before they started their training programmes.

Asking a teenager to think about the long term is a hopeful but usually losing proposition. The main thing that emerged after the meetings and the co-creation sessions was: keep it simple and fun, but make it clear that the decision needs to be made NOW. ‘Op de bank of aan de bak! (At a job or on the bench!) makes it clear at a glance that the current choice of sector has long-term consequences and it speaks to the young students of the technical college and what matters to them. The campaign goes where the youngsters are and delivers the message in punchy, digestible bites.

The online platform gives every student a personal journey, with only the information relevant to him or her – all the open days, programmes, career information and a video quiz, collected in one platform. Thanks to the BRIDGE project, the number of young people opting for high-opportunity sectors like healthcare and technology is already increasing and will continue to grow as the project continues.