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New School Heroes

FunX is the number one Dutch radio station for urban youth. with an often bicultural background. In addition to music, programs deal with social issues that influence their lives. Following the Black Lives Matter movement, the makers wanted to speak out against racism. That is why Funx started a College Tour with contemporary role models.

FunX asked Friends For Brands to develop the name, appealing branding and storytelling approach for this College Tour. The heroes in the old school textbooks are not the ones that capture the imagination of this new generation. In fact, through the eyes of this target group, these are often antiheroes. That is why we introduce the role models Winston Bergwijn, Nasrdin Dchar, Anna Nooshin and Fadim Kurt as New School Heroes, in a style inspired by heroic TV shows and games, we focus on the superpowers of the speakers.

Via social media we introduce the ‘New School Heroes’ with short videos and animations and we refer to (parts of) the conversations. With this we not only take the young person into the concrete lessons and tips about racism, but we also create a form in which these heroes are placed on the same pedestal as the ‘old school’ heroes.