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Wereldmuseum Kruispunt

Kruispunt Rotterdam – Kruispunt Rotterdam

One exhibition, endless perspectives

In 2020 the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam launched a new permanent exhibition. It combined the traditional collection with newly created and purchased works of art. All made by people from different communities from all over the world who are somehow connected to Rotterdam. The collection includes Chinese paper art, Ghanaian fashion, a Turkish tulip and Cape Verdean music.


All the pieces in this meaningful collection have a story to tell. But what story they tell depends on the person you ask. That was the main insight on which we built the branding and campaign for ‘Kruispunt Rotterdam’. The title literally means ‘Crossroads Rotterdam’ and we translated this to the activating question ‘How does it cross you?’.

In the campaign and visual identity we developed, we offer a lot of space to reflect the way that different people perceive the exhibition. The visitor is first introduced to the exposition with an on- and offline campaign, all through the eyes of other. But, of course, you want to share your own experience as well. After visiting Kruispunt Rotterdam you could create your own digital poster with your crossroads in the background .