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Rotterdam starts here.

The Koopgoot shopping passage is a true icon of Rotterdam, and has been so for years. An eyecatcher located in the heart of the city center, perfect for a day of shopping. The Koopgoot asked us to create their new brand identity. With the campaign ‘Rotterdam starts here’ we underlined the shopping area’s unique and vibrant nature and highlighted it as the starting point of your day in Rotterdam.

If you want to spend a day in Rotterdam, the Koopgoot is the best place to start. It is the place from where you can explore the rest of the city. The campaign Here Starts Rotterdam positions Koopgoot as an ideal starting point for your day. And for more than just Rotterdam: also your first job, your new outfit or the start of the wintercollection.

Koopgoot not only feels connected to Rotterdam because of its location, they’re also committed to the city. For example, they’re gradually offering more space to social entrepreneurs and are busy organizing social activities. Real ‘Koopgootjes’ were recently installed at a number of primary schools in Rotterdam; unique marble tiles in the shape of the Koopgoot. This is a preview of a big addition to the Koopgoot itself… stay tuned!