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Tasty by Nature

Let’s get local! is an online platform that brings farmers and consumers into contact with each other. The idea is to connect the country’s products to the needs of the city. We previously signed up for the branding of the platform. And on Purple Friday 2022, their first product was successfully launched: Pride Juice!

Pride Juice is a veggie and fruit juice from local farms, made in all colors of the rainbow. The concept was conceived by a student and Let’s Get Local asked us to further develop its positioning and branding.

With the ‘Tasty by Nature’ concept we show how tasty and surprising nature is. And we tell people that being queer, like the juice, is also 100% natural. But although this seems to be obvious in the ‘city’ nowadays, the queer community in the countryside more often notices that this is still not accepted by everyone. So to really make an impact, our impact strategy proposed that part of the proceeds from Pride Juice goes to organizations that work for queer youth in rural areas.

The impact plan has been realized, the product was succesfully launched and you can now order the first Pride Juice (the purple edition!) online!