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Rotterdam Street Culture Week - Levi Weidmann

Rotterdam Street Culture Week

The street becomes the stage

Rotterdam Street Culture Week is an annual free festival for all street culture lovers. During this week you can see the top within various disciplines – from street art, sports, music and dance to food. In addition to enjoying the solid line-up, as a visitor you can also participate in workshops and classes.

Rotterdam Street Culture Week asked us to develop a campaign concept and approach for the 2023 edition that invites a broad audience to come and discover street culture. We came up with a strategy that, step by step, involves everyone – from ‘in crowd’ to ‘new crowd’. We brought this to life with the concept ‘The Street Becomes the Stage’ that shows how performers turn the street into their stage. This idea is reflected in the outdoor campaign, social media campaign and content and the radio commercial on FunX.

The programming brings together a wide range of organizations under the banner of RSCW. We therefore included them at an early stage. We incorporated their feedback on our plans into the approach and developed a toolkit with which they can also campaign on their own channels. For themselves, but also for other program components.