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Rotterdam Pride - Erasmusbrug

Rotterdam Pride

Together we are iconic

Every year, Rotterdam Pride organises the Rotterdam Pride Week, in collaboration with organisations and businesses in the city. They asked Friends for Brands to develop a campaign for the anniversary year of 2023. That invites the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies to join the talks, meet-ups, and parties.

We introduced the concept ‘Together we are iconic’. In the campaign images (which are made in collaboration with Rik Versteeg) Rotterdam city icons are claimed as queer icons by well-known Rotterdam queers. For example, influencer Lotte van Eijk uses the Markthal to express herself as a cowgirl. Ballroom star Marie-Léa gracefully pole dances at the Euromast and drag queen Vanity Vickers lies on the Erasmus Bridge like a true goddess. Even outdoor art phenomenon Santa Claus, popularly known as ‘the Buttplug Gnome’, is claimed as an ally of Rotterdam Pride!

With the outdoor campaign, a clear statement is made in a friendly way; the city is (also) owned by the LGBTQIA+ community. Especially during Rotterdam Pride Week. Online we use the community reach of the queer icons in our campaign and highlight the contents of the program.