Zomer op Zuid • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation

Zomer op Zuid

‘Zomer op Zuid’ (The Summer of South) shines the spotlight on festivals and cultural events in Rotterdam South.

Because in the South, that’s where it happens! And in 2023 even more than in a usual summer. Wellicht iets beter: ‘Zomer op Zuid’ shows you what Zuid is: powerful, authentic, surprising, and unstoppable, with a program of more than 60 large and small events.

Rotterdam Festivals organises ‘Zomer op Zuid’ and asked us to take care of the branding of this thrilling program. We got to work based on input from a strategic session with important stakeholders and a co-creation session with a group of participating makers. This led to a summery campaign style that focuses on the ‘sparkle’ that you can find in the South.

But it does not stop with branding. The branding is translated to a wide campaign in the city as well as online. In addition, we developed a handy toolkit, which the participating program partners can also use themselves! In this way, they all become each other’s ambassadors and they also contribute to reaching a large number of potential visitors of Zomer op Zuid. Together we invite all people to come and experience summer in the South!