Mondmaskerfabriek • Friends for Brands • Brand Activation


Helping the first Dutch surgical mask facility fight Covid-19.

In the midst in the Corona crisis we were called by the director of the Refugee Company, Fleur Bakker. Together with her partners she took on the ambitious plan to build the first surgical mask production facility in The Netherlands. From scratch, within a couple of weeks. By doing this, the ‘Mondmaskerfabriek’ wants to tackle multiple issues at once. Firstly, a local production facility should help cover the need for protection against the virus. At the same time the factory gives jobs to people with a refugee background. Offering them a valuable start in the Dutch job market.

In order to introduce the factory and its products to the Dutch market, we needed to operate quickly. Building the brand and its communication had to match the pace at which Fleur and her partners were and are working. While they were making phone calls to everyone from producers in China to partners at the Dutch ministries to get this plan going. We developed the brand, website and communication strategy.

The aim of Mondmaskerfabriek is to get everyone properly covered against the Covid-19 virus. Simultaniously, the team works hard to ‘cover’ big challenges to reach the enormous goal they have set for themselves. This led to the brand promises ‘goed gecovered’ which translates to ‘well covered’. This concept was expressed in a brand identity that is, just like the organisation, both professional and extremely friendly. After this we had the website up and running within a few days. It’s now possible to pre-order masks, read recent updates and find information about the masks Mondmaskerfabriek will produce.

At, you can find the latest developments. companies like the Phillips Foundation, Qredits, KLM and the municipality of Arnhem have already offered their support to the social enterprise. It will only be a few more weeks before the factory will be up and running. In the meantime we’re making sure we’ve got everything ready and set to start recruiting employees and introduce the masks to the Dutch customer once the factory opens.