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Power voor Rotterdam

Working on a powerful city!

The city of Rotterdam is working hard to stay the resilient city that it is. It’s known to ‘roll op it’s sleeves’ and having it’s eyes on the future. To keep the city powerful and future proof we have to make sure everybody can keep op living here happily and healthily in the years to come. That is why Rotterdam is giving all of its citizens a little extra ‘power!’.

The longterm campaign ‘Power for Rotterdam!’ activates a multitude of target groups all at once. Home owners, people who rent, companies, landlords, owners associations… they are all somehow related to buildings they can (help) take care off. And in return, the municipality offers every one of them advice and financial support to increase the sustainability of their property. You can find all possible options on their new platform; duurzaam010.nl


‘Power for Rotterdam!’ focusses on celebrating our vibrant city and showing that we all have our (small or big) part to play in keeping the city powerful. Next to an ‘empowering’ video and radio commercial that connects all of the target groups, we developed different ‘mini campaigns’ that connect and activate the seperate groups on relevant actions.